Tommy Goodale

A young aspiring writer from Randolph, Massachusetts, and a graduate of Bridgewater State University, I continues to work on my literary craft to share my works with the world. I am currently the Associate Creative Director at MakesSense

I grew an interest in writing stories after reading one of my favorite books as a young teenager, Eragon, by Christopher Paolini, and became inspired at how young Paolini was when he wrote his novels. I started writing with a lot of ideas in a large notebook, before actually writing complete short stories while in high school. The book I am writing now I actually originally wrote as a 6-page short story in high school, and I am now developing it, years later, into a full-length novel. 

From creative to journalistic writing, I have a drive for the literary art. On this site, you can find a wide range of my works and interests.